Construction Updates

As part of our ongoing effort to keep the community up to date on the Highway 101: Linden and Casitas Pass Project, we send out regular project construction updates via email. The following is the current construction update.


Timeframe: June 18 - July 1, 2017

Please remember to Slow for the Cone Zone.

Scheduled Construction

Please note: During nighttime lane closures on Highway 101, California Highway Patrol officers will be monitoring the area to ensure a safe construction zone.

Added Construction for the week of June 25th

  • On Monday night, June 26th, crews will re-stripe lanes on Casitas Pass Road in front of McDonald's and ARCO to add a center turn lane to enable left turns into and out of local businesses. There will be alternating lane closures between 6:00 pm and 5:00 am during re-striping.
  • Reminder: The sound wall work along southbound Highway 101 between Linden Avenue and Casitas Pass Road will include vegetation and fence removal. Temporary fencing will be placed during construction.

New Freeway Overcrossings

Sunday through Thursday nights there will be alternating Highway 101 northbound and southbound lane closures along with ramp closures at the Highway 101 northbound off-ramp at Casitas Pass Road and southbound off and on-ramps at Casitas Pass Road between 8:00 pm and 5:00 am as needed to move equipment around Casitas Pass Road and Via Real. At least one freeway lane in each direction will remain open during work.

Linden Avenue

  • Crews will pour concrete for the above-ground side supports (abutments) for the new bridge.
  • Grading for dirt embankments leading up to the new bridge area continues.
  • Drainage improvements near the southeast corner of the overcrossing continue.

Casitas Pass Road

  • Crews will continue forming and pouring side supports (abutments) and footings for the new overcrossing throughout the week. The southbound Highway 101 off and on-ramps at Casitas Pass Road and the northbound Highway 101 off-ramp at Casitas Pass Road will be closed as needed from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm throughout the week to accommodate bridge work.

Carpinteria Creek Bridges

  • Crews will continue forming and pouring concrete, above-ground supports (abutments) and walls for the Via Real and Highway 101 bridges over Carpinteria Creek. Piles will also be driven for underground side supports, and footing areas for the bridges will be excavated.
  • A temporary stream diversion will be installed in Carpinteria Creek to allow for bridge construction and grading for new bridges.
  • Drainage improvements continue.

Carpinteria Creek Bike Path

  • The Carpinteria Creek bike path will remain closed for up to 7 months for bridge work at Via Real and Highway 101. There is a free EasyLift shuttle during the closure that runs between San Roque Mobile Estates and Rancho Granada Mobile Home Park (on Via Real) and Carpinteria Avenue (at Eugenia Ave, Palm Ave, Albertson’s, and City Hall) between 7:30 - 9:00 am and 2:00 - 5:30 pm every half hour. The shuttle is wheelchair accessible and accommodates two bikes. The shuttle schedule will add a stop at Rancho Granada Mobile Home Park starting June 26th along with extended hours. There will be on-site shuttle signs with more schedule information.

Highway 101

  • Sound wall work will begin along southbound Highway 101 with vegetation clearing and temporary fencing.
  • Drainage improvements are ongoing in the median, shoulder areas, and along Casitas Pass Road near the construction yard.

Upcoming Work: July

Casitas Pass Road

  • The southbound Highway 101 on-ramp at Casitas Pass will close for up to 2 weeks for ramp and shoulder improvements.

Linden Avenue

  • The sidewalk at the corner of Linden Avenue and Ogan Road will be closed for retaining wall work. Pedestrians can use the temporary sidewalk detour on Pacific Village Drive connecting to Linden Avenue.

Highway 101

  • Crews will repair damaged concrete panels on Highway 101 northbound and southbound lanes and ramps at night. The existing panels are degraded due to weather.
  • North of Linden Avenue, behind Nipomo Drive, there will be sewer realignment work to prepare for the new sound wall.

Construction Cameras

Photos refresh every 10 minutes.

Linden Avenue Overcrossing

Casitas Pass Road Overcrossing