Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals
The Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals project includes the widening of Highway 101 to three lanes in each direction. Eight of the 16 miles in this area have been widened. There are 4 project phases (see map above). Phase 4 is in development, Phase 3 is in construction, and Phases 1 and 2 are complete. New information on Phase 4 is below with background information on Phases 1 - 3.

Highway 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara (Phase 4)
Phase 4 has five segments (A - E) to speed up implementation and the opportunity to leverage state funding. See map below.

Funding Update

Phases 4A - C have been awarded $183 million in Senate Bill 1 (SB1) transportation funding. Phases 4A - C are fully funded with the award of SB1 funding, $184 million in State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) funds programmed by Caltrans, Measure A funds, and other funding already programmed by SBCAG.

SBCAG’s funding strategy for Phase 4 is to use local Measure A funds (the ½ cent transportation sales tax approved by Santa Barbara County voters in 2008) to leverage other funds. $76 million Measure A funds were used to leverage SB1 and SHOPP funding for Phases 4A - C. $77 million Measure A funds and the region's state gas taxes will be used to leverage SB1 and other funds for Phases 4D & E.

EIR Update

On April 18th, the certified Revised Environmental Impact Report (REIR) was upheld by Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Anderle. The ruling removes the final remaining legal hurdle to the Hwy 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara project.

The REIR was prepared by Caltrans in response to a lawsuit and writ that required additional information on traffic impacts to local intersections. The REIR was certified by Caltrans in October 2017.

Phase 4 Key Project Components
(all are part of a “fix it once” approach)

  • 10 miles of peak-hour carpool lanes northbound & southbound
  • 2 new interchanges: Cabrillo Boulevard & Sheffield Drive
  • 8 creek bridges with water flow improvements
  • On and off-ramp improvements
  • Sound-attenuating pavement
  • Safety improvements

The following is a snapshot of Phase 4 segments. SBCAG and Caltrans have received funding for Phases 4A - C. Please visit the Phase 4 webpage to see maps of each area.

  • Phase 4A (Carpinteria)
    • Detailed design is at 95% and coastal permitting is underway; construction scheduled to begin in spring 2020
  • Phase 4B (Padaro) & Phase 4C (Summerland)
    • Detailed design and coastal permitting are underway; construction scheduled in 2021
  • Phase 4D (Montecito) & Phase 4E (Santa Barbara)
    • Preliminary design has been completed; coordination with local agency partners is ongoing, funding will be applied for in the next funding cycle

Peak-hour Rail

New, commute-hour Pacific Surfliner rail service between Ventura County and Carpinteria/Santa Barbara/Goleta began April 2, 2018. This new service provides a northbound train that arrives in Santa Barbara at 6:47 am and Goleta at 7:00 am, and a southbound train that leaves Goleta at 4:25 pm and Santa Barbara at 4:40 pm. This new service was made possible through the efforts of SBCAG, the California State Transportation Agency, and the Pacific Surfliner Joint Powers Agency (LOSSAN). It is funded jointly by SBCAG and the State. SBCAG is also funding connecting bus service to major employment locations in Santa Barbara and Goleta. Over the last several weeks, the train has carried an average of 130 to 150 commuters each day.

In April, SBCAG was awarded two grants totaling $22 million in funding from the Transit & Intercity Rail Capital Program. This will allow for the construction of a train station and additional parking in Goleta and expand Coastal Express bus service in support of the new peak-hour rail using battery-powered, charter-style coaches. Additionally, the Pacific Surfliner JPA was awarded $197 million to construct a number of key rail infrastructure projects north of Los Angeles and funding to operate one additional round trip that will serve Santa Barbara County.

Please visit the Lane & Train Solutions webpage for more information, tickets, and train schedules.


Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals

The Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals project improves Highway 101 by adding new peak-hour carpool lanes and incorporates needed upgrades to old infrastructure. The project has 4 phases.

  • Phase 1 added two new lanes on the 101 from Santa Barbara to Montecito and was completed in 2012.
  • Phase 2 added six miles of peak hour carpool lanes from Carpinteria to Mussel Shoals and was completed in 2015.
  • Phase 3 replaces the Linden & Casitas Pass overpasses and adds local street improvements in Carpinteria. Phase 3 is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion in 2019.
  • Phase 4 will complete the remaining 10 miles of peak hour carpool lanes from Carpinteria to Santa Barbara and is scheduled to begin construction in 2020.

Please visit the updated www.SBROADS.com to see maps and information on the projects that make up the Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals area. If you have specific questions, please email the project team at info@sbroads.com.

This email update is sent as a courtesy to those interested in Highway 101 widening projects between Santa Barbara and Mussel Shoals. Periodic emails will be sent based on project development milestones.